About Us

Payton+Binnings is one of the Bay Area's most successful agent teams, consistently ranked among the top-performing agents in San Francisco and Marin. Whether you're buying or selling a home, we can help you get the most for your investment.

We work as a team. Every client benefits from the unique synergy of our combined expertise in presenting and marketing homes for sale, making intelligent pricing decisions, and competently managing the details behind every transaction.

We value partnership. As top-performing agents, we’re all exceptionally good at what we do. But we know that the most rewarding outcomes often arise when we combine our individual talents and strengths and collaborate closely with our clients. Meet our team.

We're connected. We’re affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate and Top Agent Network—partnerships that allow us to pass along significant marketing advantages to our clients. Simply put, working with us makes you an insider. Learn more about our network.

We love our work. We see buying and selling real estate as a creative process, and we each derive a lot of personal satisfaction from it. It’s the reason we treat every home we buy or sell with our clients as if it were our own—and why we invest so much of our time, energy, and resources in every transaction.

We know San Francisco and Marin. We have more than two decades of combined experience buying and selling real estate in the Bay Area’s neighborhood-driven micro markets. We also live in the communities where we work, which is why we’re good at matching buyers with the right homes and homes with the right buyers.

  • Presentation

    Building a “buyer profile” and communicating that profile to the global real estate community is something Payton+Binnings does extraordinarily well. We’re also known for our meticulous design sense when it comes to prepping, staging, and packaging a home for sale.

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  • Pricing

    Pricing a home is part art and part science. It’s also an essential part of the home-buying or -selling process. For sellers, a well-priced home often means more offers and a faster sale. For buyers, reliable information about price can lead to stronger offers that get accepted.

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  • Planning

    Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home will tell you that it can be an intense experience involving a small mountain of paperwork. Expert planning, project tracking, and professional attention to detail are essential to avoiding legal pitfalls while smoothly closing transactions.

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