Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home will tell you that it can be an intense experience involving a small mountain of paperwork. Expert planning, project tracking, and professional attention to detail are essential to avoiding legal pitfalls while smoothly closing transactions.

Buying or selling a home is possibly the biggest financial transaction most people make. It’s also an emotional decision, involving countless phone calls and thousands of pages of paperwork. Because so much is at stake, it pays to work with someone you can trust to capably handle the details.

Planning Illustration

At Payton+Binnings, we use our formidable organizational and project planning skills to manage the flow of information and documents behind every real estate transaction. We use tools such as DocuSign, an electronic signature service, to make it easy for our clients to finalize transaction paperwork from anywhere—the office, home, even other countries. Our behind-the-scenes work has saved deals from having to be renegotiated due to technicalities and has prevented clients from making mistakes that might have exposed them to legal risks.

Our experience and professionalism in preparing offers and disclosures, communicating with lenders, ordering reports, and tracking legal requirements make every transaction as efficient and stress free as possible. 

Other agents are more likely to accept offers from Payton+Binnings because they know they’ll be dealing with a knowledgeable team that can smoothly manage transactions all the way through to closing.