Building a “buyer profile” and communicating that profile to the global real estate community is something Payton+Binnings does extraordinarily well. We’re also known for our meticulous design sense when it comes to prepping, staging, and packaging a home for sale.

Selling a home is about selling a lifestyle. Buyers who are able to picture themselves living in a particular home are typically the ones who write successful offers. And creating that vision is what Payton+Binnings does best.

Presenting a home starts with building a “buyer profile” based on information about a home’s neighborhood, residents, price, and other factors. This buyer profile serves as the blueprint for all our prepping, staging, and marketing efforts.

We do everything we can—and invest a great deal of resources—to make sure a home looks its absolute best before we list it. That often involves minor repairs, cosmetic upgrades, and sometimes even major remodels. Our design expertise and eye for architectural trends have been known to net sellers substantially higher sale prices.

Staging is an important part of presentation because it communicates the vision directly to prospective buyers. We work with the best local designers, and as a result, our first showings have a reputation as “must-tour” events.

When it comes time to market a home, we create superb marketing materials using premium photography and printing resources. We use the latest Web and social media tools to create interactive websites and virtual tours. Backed by the prestigious Christie's International Real Estate brand, our listings stand out in a crowded marketplace, which is crucial for attracting the highest and best offers for sellers.

Property Brochure

We also brainstorm memorable and sometimes unexpected marketing strategies for attracting buyers, including premium advertising in major local, national, and online publications. To get the word out about a home that had formerly been a Baptist church, for example, we threw a Southern barbeque–themed open house for Realtors. The eventual buyer was found as a direct result of the open house.