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Pets Have a Big Say in the Homes We Buy, Sell, and Remodel

If you’ve ever had a dog or cat nuzzle its way into your lap, a bundle of warmth, fur, and happiness, you know how easy it is for a beloved pet to make itself indispensable in your life. We go out of our way to accommodate them — even when making decisions on buying or selling a home or remodeling an existing one. A new report from the National Association of Realtors shows just how far we’ll go to keep our pets happy. Fully 81 percent of respondents to a NAR survey said that animal-related considerations play a role when deciding on their next living situation. According to the survey, 99 percent of pet owners said that they consider their animal a part of the family, and 89 percent  said they would not give up their pet because of housing restrictions or limitations. In fact, 12 percent said they have moved to accommodate their pet, and 19 percent said they would consider moving to accommodate their pet in the future. Real estate professionals who took part in the NAR survey said that one-third of their pet-owning clients often will refuse to make an offer on a home because it is not ideal for their pet, and 61 percent of buyers said it was difficult to locate a rental property or a homeowners’ association that accommodates animals. When it comes to selling, 67 percent of real estate professionals said they advise owners with pets to always replace anything in the home damaged by an animal, have the home cleaned to get rid of any related scents, and remove pets from the home during an open house or a showing. Half of all survey respondents said that they had completed a home-renovation project specifically to accommodate their pet. Of those who undertook such jobs, 23 percent built a fence around their yard, 12 percent added a dog door, and 10 percent installed laminate flooring. Click here to read more (Photo: Flickr/Lisa L Wiedmeier)