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Drilling Into Real Estate With A Data-Focused Lens

Paige Tepping of RISMedia's REAL ESTATE magazine (May 2017, Vol. 33, No. 5) speaks with our very own, Arrian Binnings, about HouseCanary and how its quickly becoming one of the best sources for real estate valuation data and analytics. HouseCanary has built a comprehensive data set, by tracking very specific property details, to the broadest economic factors - and everything in between. Arrian sees this tool as being a game-changer and has definitely improved the way he pulls property comparables, views the data, and presents it to clients.

Excerpt: "On an individual property level, having a source where I can pull data and look at not just the data about the property, but projections and forecasts for the market area, in addition to zip code and census-level data, is truly unique. ...

By drilling down into raw market movement, HouseCanary has eliminated one of the major obstacles to pulling comps ...While comps that are older than six months are typically tossed out due to data that's no longer relevant, HouseCanary has uniquely sidestepped this obstacle by paying attention to market appreciation, allowing the price of a comp to be adjusted to the tune of today's market reality."

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