We like getting our name in print, because it means more exposure for our clients. Below are some of the places we've appeared, either for our listings or as experts in the field.

High-Tech Realtors Take Prospective Home Buyers On A Virtual Reality Tour

In July of 2016, Bay Area's channel 5 KPIX | CBS and Matterport used our modern Pacific Heights condo - 2459 Buchanan - to demonstrate the ease, convenience, and benefits of using virtual reality to show listings. Matterport's 3D Showcase camera allows you to create an online experience allowing buyers to see the property from all angles, which is great for those that can't make it to an open house because of their busy schedules or because they're out of the city, state, or country!

Excerpt: " “It’s basically the open house that’s 24/7 these days,” said Stiewe. “And with virtual reality, a potential buyer can really walk through the property see the layout, understand how the orientation is, before they even come to see the property in person.”

“I think the big thing is the buyer gets some control over the experience, over when they get to experience the property,” said Matterport CEO Bill Brown. “Because there’s a complete accurate copy, you aren’t relying on the agent to have captured the right kinds of pictures and you’re not reliant on your memory.” "

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