We like getting our name in print, because it means more exposure for our clients. Below are some of the places we've appeared, either for our listings or as experts in the field.

Old Meets New in The City by the Bay

In the July/Aug/Sept 2012 issue of New American Luxury, the Payton+Binnings team was noted as "San Francisco's most wired-in real estate team." Our very own Payton Stiewe and Arrian Binnings were interviewed and shared the hottest real estate market trends in San Francisco and their secrets to success.

Excerpt: "Three tech-savvy agents in San Francisco have joined together to create a dream team at Christie’s International Real Estate. Payton+Binnings leverages each partner’s background—in technology, appraisal, and packaging—to stay on the cutting edge of real-estate marketing. The team prides itself on making painless real-estate deals while providing exceptional customer service, excellent negotiation skills, and jaw-dropping collateral on behalf of their clients. Cofounders Payton Stiewe and Arrian Binnings give us the scoop on what’s hot and emerging in this seven-miles square area known as San Francisco."

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