Meet the Team

We work as a team on every transaction so we can offer our clients true expertise in the areas that matter most: pricing, presentation, and professional attention to detail.

  • Payton Stiewe

    Payton Stiewe

    Payton is a visionary when it comes to presenting homes for sale. His fascination with how people interact with their homes makes him a perceptive resource for buyers as well.

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  • Sejal Binnings

    Sejal Binnings

    Sejal is a master of details with an uncanny aptitude for tracking contracts, schedules, people, and paperwork. She also has a sixth sense for matching people with properties.

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  • Arrian Binnings

    Arrian Binnings

    As a former real estate appraiser, Arrian has something the vast majority of Realtors don’t—deep pricing expertise. His knack for knowing how much a home is worth is invaluable for both buyers and sellers.

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Much of our success is directly related to the professional associations and relationships we've cultivated throughout our years of experience working in the San Francisco Bay Area.