What our clients are saying about us


My partner and I had an excellent experience working with Sejal this past year. We were recommended to her by a family friend (who also raved about her) and are so glad we found her! She's detail oriented, thorough, trustworthy, and extremely prompt in her responses. We were first-time buyers in a crazy market (San Francisco during COVID!), and she took her time with us to help refine what we were looking for and hold our hands through the process. Would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially first-time buyers given how generous she was with her time and her ability to clearly explain the different steps (from lending to closing). Extremely high work ethic...I just hope she takes vacation. ;)
~ Sarah + Case
We worked with Sejal to purchase our first home in San Francisco. She was wonderful to work with, knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods and really understood what we were looking for. She guided us through the whole process, was available and reachable whenever we had questions and helped us with final touches. We really appreciate her help, she made the whole process very easy. We love our home and are so happy with how smoothly the process went! Highly recommend this team!
~ Jelena + Alex
We worked with Arrian and Sejal to buy our first house and had an A+ experience. Arrian was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process, and his insights across SF and Marin were very valuable in us finding the right home. We started the process by discussing our preferences and priorities, but then jumped right in to reviewing homes virtually as they came on the market. Arrian would quickly provide feedback on homes we were interested in and would proactively send along listings; his insights went beyond just how it stacked up against our preferences, but all of the market context, down to the weather on a specific block, the expected maintenance for the house, and what we might expect for pricing and competitiveness on the property. Through this process, we built confidence we were receiving balanced and expert advice from Arrian but also the confidence to move quickly when we found the one! On our first house hunting trip (6 homes in 1 day along with visiting several more neighborhoods), we visited a home that was listed off-market that we thought could be the one. After discussed the pros/cons with Arrian and his team, Sejal and Arrian helped us put together an offer (our first one!) that was accepted, and we were in contract just 5 days after seeing the house. Sejal and Arrian answered all of our questions about the home buying process, and made sure everything was clear and easy for us to navigate. We were nervous about the home buying process in the Bay Area after countless horror stories from friends and family, but Arrian and Sejal made it so easy and seamless. We highly recommend Arrian and Sejal!
~ Hena & Paul
I worked with Sejal on buying a home in SF. It was a crazy time (pandemic) and Sejal was patient, supportive and incredibly insightful as I went through the process. She provided excellent advice and recommendations throughout, and took a no-nonsense, efficient approach when I was ready to make offers. In the end, I'm very satisfied with where I ended up and would highly recommend Sejal and her team to anyone looking for an agent in this crazy market!
~ Parag C.
We worked with Sejal, Arrian, Payton, and team both to buy and sell our home in San Francisco. We bought and sold during difficult times (purchased in the crazy competitive 2012-2013 market and sold mid-Pandemic in 2021). They were incredibly patient and supportive throughout both processes! They are helpful in assessing a property's condition and value and are careful to ensure you don't "overspend". And they are similarly realistic about pre-sale improvements, what to invest in that will truly add value, and what's not worth the effort or expense. Very pragmatic and trustworthy. Couldn't recommend them more highly whether you're buying, selling, or both!
~ Alexandra S.
Arrian, Colin, & team just got us into our dream home in San Francisco! It wasn't easy and the market is absolutely bonkers, but they always fought hard for us and never slowed down. They navigated us through a bidding war, and closing was fast and easy. We couldn't be happier with the Payton + Binnings crew.
~ Phillip S.
The absolute best. We've worked with them across three moments - purchase of our old home, sale of our old home and purchase of our new home. They are not just the smartest when it comes to actionable advice on the market and how to position your sale or offer but they also truly empathize with their clients, sharing thoughts anchored in what matters most to you. We have had a remarkable streak of selling high and buying low because of their counsel and partnership.
~ Haley & Aneesh
Payton came highly recommended through a friend. I was evaluating several agents and it was when I saw his repeat and successful sales record in Mill Valley that I decided to move forward and I couldn't have been happier. The process from start to finish was easy and seamless. Payton and his team handled everything from helping me offload items to proper disposal, walking me through each step of the process, and completely handling my remodel and staging. The team did an amazing job, scheduling a record number of showings and I was so pleased to receive an offer significantly above asking for my condo. I would highly recommend working with Payton, he has a strong understanding of the market, a strategic sales mindset, was always super responsive to my needs and questions and has an extensive bay area network. Thank you so much Payton, couldn't be happier! :-)
~ Sandra P.
This is THE BEST real estate team ever. After having a very bad experience with another SF realtor of a different agency (who incidentally I found on yelp and chose because of the many positive reviews - a reminder that in real estate, take with a grain of salt those agents who have a bazillion positive yelp reviews and wonder if they are really providing their clients with individualized, top-quality service), I found Sejal and the Payton + Binnings team through word of mouth from a friend who used them to score a beautiful home in Noe Valley for a fantastic price. On my first meeting with Sejal, I was impressed and realized how superior her quality of service was to any other agent we've ever had (and we've had quite a few in various major cities across the US). The whole team - Sejal, Arrian, Payton - are a real dream team in terms of real estate agents with Sejal, who has a true gift for this work and is incredibly smart and intuitive; Arrian who, as a former appraiser, helps keep everyone level-set on what homes are really worth (critical as a buyer, to make sure you are not overpaying!); and Payton who has a keen eye for what is a reasonable fixer-upper and what is not worth the trouble. My husband always said, "I just want an agent who can get into our heads and know what we want and then go find it - for a price we can afford." He might as well have been asking for a magical unicorn, given this crazy SF real estate market and how tough it is for buyers, and given our limited budget, and given how high our standards/expectations are. But Sejal and the team totally did just that! They did the same for my friend at work as well. They immediately got into our heads to understand our style and taste. They never sent us to see something that they hadn't seen and vetted themselves first, AND ascertained would be a good fit for us. Other agents had sent us on wild goose chases to see properties just for the sake of 'understanding the limited inventory in this city'. Not this team. They understand the value of your time and are careful not to waste it! One of the things we most loved about this team was that for 90% of the properties that we THOUGHT we might be interested in, they wouldn't hesitate to tell us 'no,' and would tell us exactly why not. As a buyer, it's so easy to start to feel desperate and compromise in ways you didn't set out to. Even though it was against Sejal's interests, she helped us hold the line and was willing to wait 10 years with us, if that's what it took, to find the right house. (Luckily, it only took a few months!) Sejal works harder than anyone I know. Her response times on emails, texts, and phone calls were unparalleled. Because my husband had his finger on the pulse of listings, he would ping her practically daily with inquiries about properties. She would provide detailed feedback, point for point, on every listing we inquired about and every question we had. It was clear she was working around the clock. Most importantly, and what really sets Sejal and this team apart, is their brilliant strategic counsel. I am absolutely certain that we would not have won the bid for our house without her. And no, it wasn't by paying an obscene price. (Our prior agent was constantly encouraging us to up our budget in order to be successful, which we felt any fool could tell us and was incredibly frustrating and annoying to hear.) Sejal provided outstanding counsel and advice through every step - helping us hone in on the RIGHT offer price, and laid out the strategy from start to finish. Hers was a strategy we would have never thought of on our own, and I'm positive most other agents (including our prior one) would not have thought of, either. In the end, we won the house of our dreams. It was only our 2nd offer. (And we are SO relieved in hindsight that the first offer/house didn't work out, for this second one was even better!) I have been recommending Sejal and the Payon + Binnings team to everybody I know looking to buy or sell, for they are hands-down, the best, most hard-working, dedicated, and BRILLIANT team ever. We will absolutely be calling them again for the next time.
~ S.L.
It has been a year since our last transaction with Arrian and Sejal Binnings and four years since our first. I would never think of using anyone else for my San Francisco and Bay area real estate transactions - they are simply the best in every way. I am writing this review now because once again they have proved to be exceptional, not only professionally, but also in the way that they support their clients emotionally - they really have our backs! They understand that buying or selling a property is fraught with emotionality and conflict about who we are, what we want and how we define our lives. They help us navigate, not only the transaction but also the emotional roadblocks in this process. They are willing to stand up for us and hang in with us in spite of our "bad behavior". My daughter moved to Portland, Oregon where the market for old charming homes is red hot and as competitive as in San Francisco. She finally scored on such a house while she was across the country and unable to see it in person. During her due diligence period, she asked her agent to give her a couple of extra days of thought before she spent her money on an inspection. At the time she was cramming to meet deadlines for an important assignment in her graduate program, while attending the wedding of a college friend, exploring a new relationship in another city and reuniting with her old boyfriend who had just found himself a new girlfriend! To say the least, she had lots on her plate! Her agent refused to give her two extra days, saying that it would interfere with the busy schedule of the inspector who might lose a day of work if she canceled him at the last moment. It might also have embarrassed the agent to cancel the house purchase several days into the due diligence period. My daughter canceled the contract and, a day later, she had second thoughts about canceling. Her agent's response was, "Sorry, it's a done deal." This was so much in contrast to the reasonable and flexible way that Arrian handled our son when he had second thoughts about buying his San Franciscan house last year. It was clear that Arrian cared only for our son's needs over whatever anyone else thought about his crazy swings of indecision. He had my son's back when he backed out of the deal on one day, only to reinstate it the following day. My son is now happily living in his million and a half dollar house and has finally adjusted to the noise on the street, the tiny parking space ( he gave up his car), the shared laundry in the basement and the lack of a wall for his big-screen TV. Arrian helped him navigate his emotional roadblocks every step of the way. He is fearless!
~ Emily G.
We want to express our tremendous satisfaction with the Payton+Binnings Team for their marketing efforts in connection with our two-unit property on Divisadero. We have been investing in real estate for over 5 years and have worked with many realtors over the years. Among all of these, Arrian, Sejal and Payton stand out for their integrity and honesty in dealings with us and with prospective buyers, their astuteness in assessing our property and making suggestions for improvements, their communication skills in sharing the information about our property with other agents and other companies and updating us on all their activities, their energy in chasing down and following up on every possible lead , and their negotiating skills in the selling process. We certainly experienced ups and downs in our property as the market did not always cooperate. The Payton+Binnings Team spent countless hours in 2010 trying to sell the properties during an unfavorable real estate cycle and, despite all their work, we decided to take the properties off the market. Although we are sure they were disappointed, they understood and were supportive of our decision. In 2012, we had another opportunity to sell and again engaged the Payton+Binnings Team. Just as before, they approached our situation with enthusiasm and an aggressive marketing program. This time, however, their efforts were rewarded. Both units were sold almost instantaneously even before they were advertised on the MLS thanks to all of their premarketing activities. The sales themselves transpired smoothly as Arrian, Sejal, and Payton handled every detail. Although we have highlighted the skills Arrian, Sejal, and Payton possess as real estate professionals, they have meant more to us than simply our agents. Many a time we called them to discuss general real estate market conditions as well as other life issues. They have always been approachable and have shared their time and thoughts with us as good friends. We highly recommend the Payton+Binnings Team to anyone seeking assistance by a realtor in the San Francisco Bay area.
~ Jill & Tony
This was our first home purchase in San Francisco and my realtor on the Peninsula (who I sincerely trust) referred me to the Payton+Binnings team. Within a day of our initial contact, Sejal and Arrian met with us at our convenience. We discussed our new home wants/needs in-depth; they answered all of our questions and clarified service expectations. We mainly worked with Sejal during this process, which only lasted about 2 months! She was always available for showings and questions (either by phone or email), day or night. Her team is held in high regard by their colleagues within the real estate community; nearly every time another agent realized we were working with Sejal, the agent would remark positively on their experience with her! She is extremely knowledgeable in all that is "San Francisco Real Estate"....trust me, there are ALOT of details to know! She consistently supplied us with new, potential listings and all 3 team members of Payton+Binnings visited each listing to provide additional feedback opinions in regards to the listing's condition and positive or negative investment resale potential. Sejal was always a pleasure to work with and never pushed us beyond our comfort level. She made sure we were only putting in smart offers on homes that were safe, met our needs and would provide future returns. She gave us great advice that was both upfront and honest. We were on a bit of a time crunch with expecting a new baby and she worked diligently to swiftly move us through the process. Buying a home is definitely a bit scary but Sejal made it as painless and worry-free as possible....trust me when I say that you are incompetent and capable hands with this team!
~ Jen & Aaron M.
The photographs Arrian had taken and his description of the property highlighted perfectly the selling points of our condo. I was very impressed when I saw the listing. Sejal is so friendly and professional, great attention to detail, which provided a lot of comforts as she helped us through each step of the way. Her guidance through the final selling process, especially guiding us through all of the paperwork, was so helpful and we greatly appreciated her work. The Payton+Binnings team was far more knowledgeable about appropriate market comparisons for our property than agents from other firms—they knew our building, its unique selling points, and the competitive marketplace in our specific neighborhood. Bottom line is results: They listed our condo at a higher selling price than other agents proposed; got it on the market sooner, with no extra staging costs; located qualified buyers and sold it in three weeks at the bottom of the housing market for more money than other agents proposed listing it for. They provide a perfect combination of professionalism and enthusiasm. They are smart, and their knowledge and experience in real estate sales are evident. I believe those were the important factors in helping us sell our condo quickly, and we were very satisfied with all the work they did for us. They are hard-working real estate agents and wonderful people. Wonderful people, we would work with again at any time. Great tag-team approach. They were always able to cover whatever needed to be done during the marketing, sale, closing and moving process.
~ Al & Dave
Sejal and Arrian Binnings are fantastic real estate agents and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are hardworking, savvy, incredibly responsive, and go the extra mile to help you find your dream home (and win the bidding war for it!). On top of this, Sejal and Arrian are warm, friendly, and sincere- a great compliment to their intelligence and professionalism. While Sejal and Arrian are San Francisco real estate experts, their strengths as agents translated easily to help my boyfriend and I navigate the equally complicated and competitive Berkeley/Oakland market. We identified properties that we were interested in because we knew exactly what neighborhoods we were interested in, and Arrian and Sejal did all the legwork for us. They turn information around incredibly quickly and are super-organized. We would never wait more than a few hours for a response to a question we had. They are incredibly hardworking! I know without Sejal and Arrian's help we would not have been able to purchase an adorable bungalow in the super-desirable Rockridge neighborhood. Arrian's background as an appraiser was key in determining the fair market value of the home and helped us come up with the right offer price and conditions to beat the 11 other offers submitted for this property. I have to credit The Payton+Binnings Team also for being so thorough and organized in the escrow/closing process and making sure that everything went through smoothly. We cannot thank them enough for all of their help.
~ Candace C.
Payton+Binnings is a fantastic real estate team and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are hardworking, savvy, incredibly responsive, and go the extra mile to help you find your dream home (and win the bidding war for it!). On top of this, they are warm, friendly, and sincere—a great compliment to their intelligence and professionalism. While they are San Francisco real estate experts, their strengths as agents translated easily to help us navigate the equally complicated and competitive Berkeley/Oakland market. We identified properties that we were interested in because we knew exactly what neighborhoods we were interested in, and they did all the legwork for us. They turn information around incredibly quickly and are super-organized. We would never wait more than a few hours for a response to a question we had. They are incredibly hardworking! I know without their help we would not have been able to purchase an adorable bungalow in the super-desirable Rockridge neighborhood. Arrian's background as an appraiser was key in determining the fair market value of the home and helped us come up with the right offer price and conditions to beat the 11 other offers submitted for this property. I have to credit the Payton+Binnings team also for being so thorough and organized in the escrow and closing process and making sure that everything went through smoothly. We cannot thank them enough for all of their help.
~ Lizzie & Tyler
We met Arrian and Sejal Binnings at an open house. At the time we weren't looking for an agent, but after floundering around for a couple of weeks, we decided to give them a call. They have been outstanding to work within the last few weeks. They are resourceful, responsive and knowledgeable. The analysis they provide is detailed and their methodology is sound. They are also willing to take calls and provide advice any time day or night. Seriously. We once called them when they were on a layover from a flight on a Sunday. They wrote an offer on the plane and then were prepared to meet us an hour after they landed at 9 p.m. Sunday night. They helped us find a wonderful house and negotiate an even better price—even though we were competing with several other buyers. We had very specific parameters when working with them and, despite a challenging market in a limited geography, they managed to get us into the exact house we wanted. And I do mean they got us into it as opposed to us just finding the property and using their services—we had been looking every weekend for a year and it was this team that found the winning property. If you’re looking in San Francisco, use these folks. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a solid partner to help them find their home.
~ Jay & Wendy
We had the great pleasure of working with the Payton+Binnings dream team when we decided to sell our home in Cole Valley. After interviewing several Realtors, we felt that not only did Sejal, Arrian, and Payton just “get us” and our home, but that they would add a creative spark, intelligence, and integrity to the process. Payton is the right brain and the creative side of the team—bringing in great ideas and a team of stagers, florists, window washers … anyone you need to make your home and marketing of the home perfect. Arrian is the brains and the Braun — he manages the day-to-day process, has a keen market and valuation acumen, and is very thoughtful during offers and negotiations. Sejal is all about the behind-the-scenes details; she calls to remind you of everything and makes every paper signing runs like clockwork. The best part about working with Payton+Binnings was their attitude—even when things got tough when neighborly drama arose when offers came in—they delivered everything with so much goodwill and humor that it was honestly just a pleasure to work with them. The only thing that we weren’t prepared for was how fast everything would happen … we had multiple offers right away and had moved out a month after our first open house!
~ Lexie & Casper
Payton+Binnings are the consummate professionals in this business and provided us truly distinctive service in our search for our dream home. Arrian and Sejal make a perfect power couple (helps that they are also a lovely married couple!) and their strengths truly compliment each other. Having run his own appraisal company in a previous life, Arrian can provide you the sharp quants and valuation advice to help you cut through the pricing noise and target your offer precisely while Sejal is the field marshal who will run the deal from beginning to end - turning over every rock and stone to find you a listing, making sure every schedule commitment is met, reviewing every line in the contract and always stopping to explain everything in detail. Moreover, both have an uncanny intuition for knowing what you like and don't like and can quickly size up a place for you so you don't waste your time. To top it off, being one of the top agents in the city, they have unparalleled access to off-market (pocket) listings and can get you in for that first look before the general public has access - a critical advantage in today's real estate market. We would not have found our place without their help! These guys are the best, hands down.
~ Lawrence & Sherlene
If you are looking for a realtor team who would go an extra 500 miles for you, these guys are it. Sejal and Arrian are a married couple and work so well together. We never felt pressured to buy anything out of our range and they would give it to us straight if a place was worth bidding or not. It also helps that Arrian used to be an appraiser so he would guide us on what a realistic bid may go in these competitive times without paying too much for it. Sejal would respond to our emails within seconds and at all hours of the day...even within 4 hours of delivering her baby! That's right, she was pregnant during the time we were looking and literally the day after we got the bid, she had her baby boy in the hospital. What awesome timing but it blows my mind they are that dedicated to their clients above their own personal events. They prepped in advance and they had their partner Payton accompany us during the inspection since Sejal and Arrian were obviously attending to their new addition. Even after the closing, they still made sure all was settled and got to see our new place after we settled in. Even the sellers commented that they liked our realtor over theirs.
~ Sonya L.
My husband has bought and sold over 20 properties. He has worked with several agents and agencies. The Payton+Binnings team made the sale of our home in Sausalito the best experience! We interviewed multiple agents before deciding on our "A" team. After our initial meeting, we had no doubt they were the agents for us. Our technology driven home was a bit complicated and it was very important that we had agents that understood technology. They compliment one another very well, each bringing their own strength. The Payton+Binnings team moves very quickly while still maintaining a solid attention to detail. They will do what it takes to ensure your home always shows at its best. They will even dig in the trenches (literally) if that is what it takes. They are extremely responsive. On the very few occasions, we had to leave a voicemail, our call was returned in a timely manner. Our home sold for cash, at asking price and sold within 30 days of being on the market. In addition, we set the record for the highest price per square foot in Sausalito. Not only would we use them again but, we look forward to developing our friendship!
~ Robyn & David
Are you looking for the best realtors ever? Sejal and Arrian are absolutely fantastic! From our first meeting with them through the final closing of our purchase, they were top-notch professionals. When Sejal and Arrian are working with you, they find out exactly what you want and help you find it. They don't send you out to look at stuff that doesn't fit your parameters. Arrian's background in appraising really helps in determining price and value too. We know the property we bought is just right for us, now and in the future. They helped us find it, and we were confident they could help us get it. Sejal was our primary contact, and she was in touch with us on a daily basis, working issues as they came up - even when she was on vacation! These days, real estate is quite complicated and it was reassuring knowing Sejal was working on our behalf. We are not real estate moguls but we have bought and sold over the years. We have never had anyone work so hard on our behalf. Besides being top-notch professionals, Arrian and Sejal are really, really nice people. Thank you Sejal and Arrian!
~ Kathy C.
Seriously, thank you to the entire Payton+Binnings team for all your help through this process. You came highly recommended and I was impressed with your initial presentation but you managed to far exceed my expectations. I'm not just talking about the amazing sale price either because we are obviously thrilled with that. It's really the constant thoughtful intelligence, integrity, and professionalism of your team that came through in every interaction. This was the 6th personal residential real estate transaction that we have worked on in as many years. We liked many of these professionals but I wouldn't even consider them your peers, your team is that good. As you also know, I work in the commercial real estate business and am a party to many different transactions on a daily basis. I wish that "professionals" in my industry had half the integrity and intelligence that your team displayed in this transaction.
~ Aaron & Carla
Arrian and Sejal are truly outstanding real estate agents. I met Arrian by chance when looking for directions to one of the open houses I was planning to visit in that same building. He kindly offered to guide me to that one and a few other similar units in the area. It wasn't long before my wife and I felt we were in good hands. Arrian and Sejal are excellent professionals that utilized their appraisal knowledge to ensure that I would get one of the best units in my building: an opinion repeatedly confirmed after I moved in. On top of everything, they even negotiated with the seller and got a top-of-the-line refrigerator ($5000) and other appliances thrown in for free! None of the other residents I've got to know so far managed to arrange such a deal. I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in a reliable team, that helps you find just what you wanted.
~ Riccardo T.
The Payton+Binnings team did a truly exceptional job preparing, marketing and selling our condo. We met with Arrian, Sejal, and Payton the day we received the keys back from our former tenants, and turned it over to the team to get it ready for sale. From that first meeting, they had a specific vision and plan, and they executed that plan with impressive speed, organization, and attention to detail. The condo looked dramatically different by the time they worked their magic. They completed the project on time and within budget. Prior to the first open house, they marketed the property through their access to Top Agent Network, showing it to a number of potential buyers. We went into contract for well above the asking price prior to listing on MLS, and the transaction closed early. We could not be happier with their work from start to finish!
~ Patrick & Megan
The thing I appreciated most about Sejal and Arrian was the way they really understood our priorities and what we wanted. At the same time, as first-time homebuyers, they also helped us by pointing out things we normally wouldn't think of when looking at a property. For example, how certain things about a property -- even though we could live with them -- might make it a challenge to sell later on, or whether the systems in the property were excellent or sub-par. It's that balance that makes them trusted advisors. We never felt pressured and we never doubted their advice for even a second. They're super-responsive and, even though we know they have other clients, we always felt like a top priority. Thanks to Sejal and Arrian, we found exactly what we wanted in the perfect neighborhood. We really can't thank them enough.
~ Tamara M.
We could not recommend the Payton+Binnings team more highly to anyone looking for a fantastic real estate agent. Not only did they help us get our dream home, they listened, coached and supported us as first time home buyers through the entire process. Experienced, professional, patient and down to earth, they were a dream team to work with and quick to earn our trust. Payton, Sejal and Arrian had different core expertise and were able to provide us with recommendations through different lenses. We appreciated their time, attention to detail and informed recommendations to help us during our search and closing process. We look forward to working with the Payton+Binnings team to sell our home in the future and find our next home in San Francisco or Marin county.
~ Helen & Alan
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for selling my apartment. Being on the Filbert steps, the property required a deep understanding of the market and the small subset of buyers that would be eligible to buy in that location. If things came up, you handled them. Most of your voicemails to me were "This is the situation. I will take care of it I took care of it." This attitude provided me with a sense that you owned the process and gave me tremendous peace of mind. I also wanted to acknowledge Arrian and Sejal. When you had a family emergency to attend to, Arrian stepped up without missing a beat. Sejal handled a last-minute complication with aplomb, allowing a very tight closing to happen on schedule. Your team is amazing. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
~ Jonathan W.
Working with Payton was a delight from our first meeting until post-sale and hand-off to the new owners of our property. He and his team are a class act, and stand out with these qualities: 1) Superior knowledge of our neighborhood and the market, which enabled us to make smart, strategic pricing decisions. 2) Attention to detail, such that every inch of the staging was perfect, 3) Judgement, which was a factor when we decided on which aspects of our home to spend money on touching up or improving before the sale. Payton was clear and direct in all of our conversations, patient, and always offered a strong point of view. The very first offer we received was 10% over asking with no contingencies. We were delighted with that outcome, and the process could not have been easier.
~ Jonathan S.
How's this for candor? I am a realtor as well and yet I still feel compelled to write a review for these guys as they truly are a class act. Having had the luxury of closing a deal with them earlier this year where I represented the seller, I can say that they make it easy, fair and incredibly pleasant to work with. Throughout the transaction they were communicative with me and sincerely considerate to my client and for that and then all the kindness they exhibit long after the deal is closed (including hand-delivering to me a favorite bottle of champagne for the holidays) they are one terrific real estate team (as evidenced by their supreme, well-deserved success). What more can I say? Simple. Were I not a realtor myself they would be the first I would choose without hesitation.
~ Jonathan M.
After working with a few agents in the area, and not being able to find anything that would fit our needs, we decided to consult with Arrian and Sejal. Before we even had time to schedule the next in-person appointment, they had already collected for us a list of units that were amazingly on target, and one of them turned out to be the one we decided to buy later on. I really appreciated the fact that they provided us with spreadsheets and charts that helped to make our decision about which unit to invest in easier. And the best part is that we still continue to remain in touch with them long after the transaction is over because they are all about relationship building and enjoy the friendships that come out of working together. They are absolutely the best!
~ Tracy T.
We decided to work with Payton+Binnings for a few reasons. The first and most important reason we chose them is because when we first met with the team, they advised us that the timing was not right to sell our house and that we would not sell for what we wanted. They encouraged us to wait. The second reason we decided to work with Payton+Binnings was that they did call us when the time was right and encouraged us to list our house. The house sold within days of listing. The team brings extensive experience from other professions (high technology, appraisals) along with a level of intelligence, attention to detail, and follow-through that we never experienced previously even though we have bought and sold multiple properties in the past.
~ Dan & Andrea
My boyfriend and I worked with Payton+Binnings on the purchase of our first home. As first-time home buyers in a very uncertain market, we had a lot of questions and concerns. They were essential in guiding us through the whole process, first by providing their insight into the market and neighborhoods and then in helping us understand each step of the closing process including reviewing the disclosure packages from their expert viewpoint and consistently communicating with us. They also recommended a fantastic inspector and mortgage broker. At the end of the process, we were impressed with how seamlessly and smoothly the transaction went. This team’s knowledge, excellent communication, and customer service truly made a difference for us.
~ Jason & Mirella
It was great working with Sejal and Arrian to help me find my new house. Over the past year they were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I made several bids over the year and closed my new house 2 weeks ago. Arrian's price estimates & comparisons proved to be extremely accurate. Via leads in their local network, they were able to show me my new house and complete the bid before the house went on the open market. Sejal was a rock star during the closing process too, as there were complications due to unforeseen issues on the seller's side, and she diligently kept on top of things and kept me continually updated. The Payton+Binnings team is great - I highly recommend them.
~ Mark D.
I've had the pleasure of working with the Payton+Binnings team for the purchase and sale of a home in Mill Valley. For the purchase, the team helped through all the details and ensured I was completely covered. I never once felt it was about a commission or anything, it was about helping me get the best deal possible. When I chose to sell, the team doubled down and arranged all the updates necessary in order for me to get top dollar on my home. They did a fantastic job and the house sold in less than a week for well over my asking price. If I plan to buy in the northern part of the Bay Area again, I will definitely be using them.
~ Andrew M.
We've now purchased two homes and sold one with Sejal and her team. Both of us work in the non-profit realm and didn't think we would be able to own a piece of SF, but Sejal's expertise and careful advice got us into our first place in 2012. Last year her patience and tenacity paid off again when we found a new place, and the team stepped in to help us sell our first home. The level of professionalism is high with the whole Payton+Binnings team and both the purchase and sale were seamless. Sejal is there for you quite literally 24/7 and doesn't bat an eye when you tell her what you'd like. We can't recommend their work enough!
~ Andrew & Liana
Buying a property in San Francisco seemed like a daunting process until we met with the Payton+Binnings team. They started by walking us through the process in detail from start to finish so that there would be no surprises. They were extremely proactive about sending us possible listings and sharing with us their feedback on open houses. Through the process, they really took to heart our needs and what would ultimately make our perfect home. In addition, they were instrumental in preparing us to make a successful offer which resulted in our dream home. We would highly recommend Payton+Binnings to any of our friends, family, and colleagues.
~ Megan & Michael
Working with Payton+Binnings made our home buying process smooth and as stress-free as possible. They were always accessible and responsive when we had questions. They were incredibly professional and knowledgeable and went the extra mile to research answers to any arcane questions we had. They were always patient and pleasant, going out of their way to accommodate our schedules and needs, which was especially important since we had a very young child when we bought our home. We had explored working with other Realtors before we met them, and no one else impressed us the way they did. We highly, highly recommend them.
~ Emily & Alex
If you have a house to sell, enlist the Payton+Binnings team. They handled all the details, from suggesting improvements to bring top dollar to providing resources to fix things. We used the stager they suggested and the house looked 'drop dead gorgeous' and had a fresh modern look that other stagers missed. They also helped us with the disclosure package, which to the uninitiated seller can be overwhelming. The team was always available for questions and had some great ideas for the open house. They also represented us, the sellers, very well and held firm on our price. We were very happy with their team.
~ Robin & David
It is sometimes hard to believe that our friendship all started thanks to two people we hadn't even met, our children. It has taken us on a journey of working together, playing together (vail!) and growing together. Thank you for your tremendous support, guidance, and dedication to me and the direction of Pacific Union - Christie's International and Sotheby's prior. Your steadfast support was a big reason for Mollie & Declan making their move and I will forever be grateful! Looking forward to many years of fun and prosperity together and, more importantly, a lifetime of close friendship. Thank you!
~ Patrick B.
I'm writing to thank you once more for your amazing professionalism, kindness, patience, and acumen in bringing our house to the market. Anne and I were immensely impressed by your initial presentation--and really liked all of you personally--and you more than fulfilled that immediate confidence, delivering an offer that far exceeded our most optimistic expectations. You do great work, and we're beyond thrilled. (And Prussian Blue is officially my new favorite color.) And to that end, please thank your whole team--Chris, Benjamin, and all the rest. We'll recommend you far and wide.
~ Michael & Anne
We were very happy with the Payton+Binnings team. Our home had been on the market before, and we knew it was a tough time to be selling. Payton and the team were good and kind and very thorough, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring that the house really shined. With all kinds of details handled and lots of untapped potentials brought to light, we happily accepted an offer within weeks of our first open. A good price, a solid buyer, and a very human process. Thank you!
~ Jonathan & Misty
Working with Payton + Binnings was a tremendous pleasure and I would not hesitate one minute to do it again, although I don't foresee selling the amazing home that they found for us. They patiently put up with many, many months beforehand showing my husband and me home after home. Ultimately, they made completing the deal smooth and painless and calmed my nerves on more than one occasion. I can't imagine having a more complete, complementary team; I recommend them to friends and family frequently.
~ Lisa & Thierry
Payton Stiewe and the team are simply the best. Yes, the market is hot, but our property looked so good and was marketed so well by this team, that we surpassed all expectations. Payton personally attended every meeting, met with the contractors, set clear expectations, and always treated us like a priority. This was so refreshing after other realtors were passing us down to junior, less experienced people. I would--and do--recommend them to anyone selling property in The Bay Area.
~ Lucas M.
Working with the Payton+Binnings team was refreshing and inspiring. Their level of professionalism is top-notch; they are incredibly responsive, proactive in their approach, and detail-oriented. They are using the latest and greatest technology and media to ensure your listing targets the ideal audience and that ultimately that your listing sells for the best possible price. We were thrilled with our experience working with Payton+Binnings to sell our home.
~ Megan & Michael
If we were on Skype, you'd be watching a grown man cry (tears of joy of course). You three have been nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with and we could not be more pleased with the entire process and outcome of the sale of our house. We would be more than happy to be a reference for anything you do and we will actively work to promote you and your services to every person we know in the Bay Area.
~ Jim & Sara
Arrian and Sejal are phenomenal real estate agents! They are very knowledgeable and great at researching and analyzing what is happening in the city's many micro-markets. They have great personalities, great negotiating skills, and are very detail-oriented. And they are always willing to go out of their way to be helpful. I would unequivocally recommend them to anyone looking for an agent in San Francisco.
~ Mark H.
The Payton+Binnings team was fantastic from the home search and offer stage, all the way through (and even after) closing. Although we were experienced buyers and well-informed on the local market, Payton+Binnings was able to offer meaningful counsel every step of the way. They are knowledgeable, thorough and responsive, resulting in a great service experience for us. and a house we love at the right price.
~ Scott & Geneva
We were very happy with our experience with the Payton+Binnings team. They exceeded our expectations on multiple levels, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to list a property. They are the definition of full service and managed the process from physically preparing our property for sale to final closing, allowing us to focus on our family and careers while they handled the details.
~ Steve & Ally
I want to extend my appreciation to the whole team. I have learned so much during our work together. It all started with learning that we lived in a "luxury" property and finished nicely yesterday with a great sale price! I will definitely recommend your team to anyone looking to buy or sell a luxury home in the Bay Area. Thank you so much for your hard work.
~ Chandrika
I've been bragging about you all throughout this long journey and will definitely keep my ears open for any other future home buyers amongst my friends and colleagues. I was impressed with the level of research, expertise, and patience you exhibited through the process and am very thankful to have found you all. I only wish I had found you sooner!
~ Eric P.

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