To Raise Or Not To Raise

September 7, 2023


To Raise Or Not To Raise

The Federal Reserve's Tightrope Walk: Rate Hikes, Economic Indicators, and Market Speculations

In the world of real estate and finance, few entities command as much attention as the Federal Reserve. As we stand on the cusp of its next series of meetings, the real estate community is abuzz with anticipation, speculations, and a myriad of predictions. Let's take a look at expectations for the upcoming September 19-20 meeting.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has been assertive in its recent actions. With a series of rate hikes that quickly brought rates to 20+ year highs, currently hovering between 5.25% and 5.50%, it's evident that the Fed is on a mission. This aggressive stance, reminiscent of strategies from the late Carter and early Reagan eras, is a response to the high inflation rates that have been a concern for both policymakers and the general public.

As we look ahead to the upcoming meeting, the question on everyone's mind is: What will they do next? Many have dismissed the September meeting, speculating that the Fed will keep interest rates paused, and cast their gaze toward the November meeting. The market suggests a strong possibility of another rate increase during the November meeting, potentially their last one in the cycle. This speculation is fueled by recent economic indicators, such as signs of disinflation and hints of the job market potentially cooling down.

However, it's not just about rate hikes. The September gathering, though seemingly overlooked, could hold significant revelations. The meeting promises to unveil the Fed's updated 'dot plot', a tool that offers insights into the trajectory of future monetary policy. The dot plot is a chart that summarizes the FOMC members' projections for the federal funds rate over the next few years. Given the Fed's track record of sticking to the medians in the dot plot, this update is eagerly anticipated by many due to its reliability. The last dot plot update came in June (it's released quarterly), so the information in the September dot plot will hold the key to the Fed's most up-to-date stance and its peak target rate. It will also forecast when rate cuts are expected.

Decisions made by the Federal Reserve in the coming months will have ripple effects across the investment landscape, the broader economy, and global financial markets. As we navigate these economic crossroads, it's crucial to approach decisions with all the necessary information. Thankfully, the Fed is good about telegraphing their moves, as they are aware that markets do not like surprises. The upcoming Fed meetings will undoubtedly be pivotal chapters, so stay tuned to the Artemis Advisor for the latest!

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