What Do Americans Want in Their Ideal Home?

October 10, 2019

What Do Americans Want in Their Ideal Home?
  • More than half of all Americans would prefer to buy a new home.
  • Waterfront homes are the most popular with buyers, while properties near golf courses are the least.
  • Nearly 80 percent of Americans say that their ideal home includes central air conditioning.

While a home’s perfect location, size, and amenities are unique to each buyer’s personal situation and budget, about half of respondents to a recent survey agree on a few key points.

That’s according to a poll conducted by Porch.com, which asked both Americans and Europeans to describe their perfect home. About 54 percent of both nationalities state a preference for a new home, and 51 percent think a suburban property is ideal.

Roughly half of Americans and Europeans believe that a waterfront location is perfect for a home, followed by about one-third who want a view of the coast, a city, or hills. The least-popular location is near a golf course, cited by less than 4 percent of both Americans and Europeans. That latter trend should come as little surprise, considering that golf is losing popularity with millennials and other younger Americans.

The classic ranch-style home is the No. 1 choice for both Americans and Europeans. Craftsman-style and Mediterranean homes are also popular with both groups, though Europeans are more likely to prefer Art Deco homes, which Americans put at the bottom of the architecture-style list.

Brick is the preferred construction material for Americans, with 27 percent saying it is part of an ideal home. Similarly, nearly 30 percent voice a preference for composition shingles for the roof.

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